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Get the best of both worlds You might want to see the cultural and historical sites that only a city break can bring, but may also be pining for the thrill of camping, whether that's pitching your own tent or eating breakfast in the bright outdoors. Camping Michelangelo — Florence, Italy Within the city of Florence, just outside the historic walls, you'll find the area's best camping site. The Campsite Michelangelo offers pleasant views over the city of Florence Camp Indigo — Paris, France The closest campsite to Paris' city centre, Camp Indigo is just a short journey to all of the sights and sounds of France's bustling capital.

Virgen del Mar — Santander, Spain Right alongside the city of Santander, Virgen del Mar overlooks a stunning sandy beach, and makes for a great summer holiday. Santander sits alongside the ocean and is a great place to visit Campsite Memling — Bruges, Belgium The historical city centre of Bruges is a labyrinth of culture and history, waiting to be explored. You can cycle to see the windmills just outside of Bruges when you stay at Campsite Memling Camping Kockelscheuer — Luxembourg You might forget Luxembourg when thinking of a driving holiday to Europe, as it's just 84 kilometres long, sitting snugly between Germany, Belgium and France.

Getting there and around If you've enjoyed our list of urban campsites, pack up your tent or load your campervan and take the family on a sunny adventure for your next holiday. Photo Credits: Camping offers a unique experience on holiday, but not everyone wants to be in the middle of nowhere — Image by Flickr user Nick Bramhall The Campsite Michelangelo offers pleasant views over the city of Florence — Image by Flickr user Bonnie Staying just outside of Paris has the advantages of being able to explore more of the city's outskirts — Image by Flickr user heipei Santander sits alongside the ocean and is a great place to visit — Image by Flickr user Andrew Nash You can cycle to see the windmills just outside of Bruges when you stay at Campsite Memling — Image by Flickr user Wolfgang Staudt All pictures licensed for commercial use at time of publication.

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Eurotunnel Insurance Competitive comprehensive cover for you, your family and your vehicle. Yet it can also be a catalyst for communion. While traditional approaches to camping involve experiencing nature at least narrowly defined , urban camping can also be about experiencing humanity.

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Strangers may stop by to visit, share their local knowledge, and inquire about your travels. Even when stealth camping, you have the opportunity to observe humanity—albeit it from a strange distance. Camping in urban areas can transform how you look at things. Strangers are friends you have yet to meet and the world becomes filled with campsites. Soon, you may view a community garden, an overpass, or a public sculpture not for what it is, but for the campsite it could easily become.

Urban Camping: escaping into the city

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