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Then Franz Mueller, She abandons her royal ways by the hedges, takes up the sword and defends The Mexican Mafia has declared war on the United States by kidnapping and killing border guards. Rose Sefton has spent her professional life as a social worker in the trenches of humanity, at the same time she carried on an affair with the literary world. For her fertile mind, everything is fair game for writing. Here is a collection of short st After getting a 3 A.

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Leaving a welcome mat by the door can be precarious, especially in bad economy when Marcella Humphries is forced to take a mandatory four-hour furlough every week. She's down to counting pennies in the sofa cushions when her life takes a mysterious t A mother's love is brutally tested in , in Nazi Germany when Ursel Sterr must make a life or death decision for her child, Ermintrude, who has been declared a Mongoloid Idiot, by Dr. Vogel, head of the Racial Purity Committee. The child is hunted The high price for treason, blasphemy and heresy is certain death for Merlyn's daughter, who was bartered in a marriage contract.

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Enfrys Taliesin-Montrop For her it will never be easy. Prematurely born into a family where she is the fifth child to a hard-working Irish fam Ten days before Christmas. Jingle Bells fill the air.

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'SPRING AWAKENING' Is a Rockin' Journey of Passion & Neon

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