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As mirrors became available to the average person, society shifted. We no longer saw ourselves as drones in a hive of humans. The very act of a person seeing himself in a mirror or being represented in a portrait as the center of attention encouraged him to think of himself in a different way.

He began to see himself as unique. Thus individuality as we understand it today did not exist: people only understood their identity in relation to groups—their household, their manor, their town or parish—and in relation to God. Art changed, too. In writing, the first-person novel, which would have made little sense before, became a popular form.

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By reading one, we could inhabit the thoughts of another individual. The benefit is that the upstream mirror initiates the mirror process immediately after its archive has been updated.

Mirror Interesting Facts

This allows changes to the archive to propagate quickly. Triggers are done using ssh. The push-server sshs into the pushed server's mirror account using public-key authentication. The key is set up such that this action may only trigger a mirror run, no other commands.

Who Invented the Mirror?

The pushed server then runs ftpsync to update the archive using rsync as normal. Exchanging public keys and potentially access to restricted rsync servers requires coordination between a mirror operator and their upstream source.

To become a push client for the FTP archive, you will need to set up mirroring using our standard ftpsync script set. You may have ftpsync in a different directory, adapt accordingly. The invention of this process enabled to mirrors being manufactured on a much larger scale, and for the first time in history ordinary people could buy a mirror. Present-day mirrors are more frequently produced by depositing aluminum by vacuum directly onto the glass.

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There are many superstitions including mirrors. Breaking a mirror to this day is said to bring bad luck that lasts seven years. This curse is believed to go back to Roman times when they thought that it took seven years for a soul to renew itself. One of the ways that you could avoid the bad luck was to bury all pieces of broken mirror very deeply in the ground.

It is also said that a mirror in the house falling from a wall is a sign that someone was going to die.

Why Are Mirrors Good for Baby?

It used to be common practice to cover up all mirrors in the house when somebody in a house died. It was believed that this prevent the soul of the deceased being trapped in one of the mirrors by the devil. Mirror History. Mirror History and Origins of Mirrors The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were quite fond of mirrors and often manufactured mirrors from polished copper and bronze.

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Making Mirrors A major mirror component is glass. Facts about Mirrors The concepts of the soul are often associated with mirrors, which results in a wealth of superstition surrounding mirrors. Featured Articles. Broken Mirror.

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