The Story Of Lucifers Daughter: Short Stories

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The story begins with its protagonist, Hale, living in deliberate poverty in a tenement in New York, and within the space of a few pages, merely as an experiment, he talks his way into a lucrative job, a beautiful apartment, and a luxurious lifestyle, mostly just to prove that he can. As he explains to an incredulous listener:.

What’s So ‘American’ About John Milton’s Lucifer?

The next most important thing is to get out of your social class. You want to eat. But Gold and de Camp have larger ambitions of their own.

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Lucifer agrees, and he takes Hale under his wing. For instance:. And, of course, the ability to start and stop the flow of money. In most cases the last can be done without a penny. Except in unusual cases, I never concentrate on tormenting a single person. That would be inefficient… The chronic state of crisis , never quite reaching war, which I have labored incessantly to create, is kept simmering.

The world was growing apathetic, but now there is a very gratifying turmoil. Millions of people have been made afraid and unhappy. Others have had their hopes raised. At the proper moment those hopes will be dashed, and they, too, will be unhappy. None But Lucifer was written before the outbreak of war in Europe, and it was on newsstands when Hitler invaded Poland. Sep 10, Cheryl rated it really liked it.

Yes, yes, yes. If you are looking for a enjoyable and funny reading experience than you have to check out this book. I am excited to see that there are many more books in this series as I am going to check them out. Muriel won me over right from the beginning. She is probably the only one that can get away with standing up to Satan. Her other sister, Bambi is right that Muriel is daddy's favorite.

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Speaking of Satan; who knew that he had a heart. I mean how many other fathers would want their dau Yes, yes, yes. I mean how many other fathers would want their daughters to get their "cherry" popped. Satan was even nice enough to offer to give Muriel pointers for the bedroom. Than there is the sexy Auric. The one that gives Muriel her wet dreams. He made everyone else disappear when he was around. His aura was that strong. Muriel and Auric kept things hot.

Any time I pick up a Langlais book, I'm pretty sure I'll get lots of humor, lots of sexy hotness, and a good story to entertain me. That's also what I got with Lucifer's Daughter, Muriel was a hoot, and her being a virgin made dear old daddy Satan mad! She really needed to sin more - if not, people might think he was failing at being bad. Muriel had decided to wait for love before sharing herself fully, though, both because a lot of guys would do anything to tap Lucifer's Daughter Enter Auric and his friends, and the chemistry went through the roof!

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As did the fun and the action. Someone was staging a coup in Hell, and they weren't averse to using Muriel to do so.

It had all the action, a lot of goofiness, hot smexiness and a good story, too. I can't wait to come back to this series soon, and I'll continue with the audio version, as Rebecca Estrella did a really good job with the narration. I made sure I made it for closing, though. Ok so here's the deal: the book isn't BAD and I can see why its got good ratings and stuff.

I liked the idea and even some of the characters, but the thing is, there is no chemistry between Eve Langlais and I. You know how sometimes you come across a book that you REALLY enjoy reading even if it wasn't the greatest and the idea isn't that original.

Daughter of Evil- Gacha Life ❤

Well its probably because of the authors writting style. And that's exactly what happened to me here, but opposite. I just didn't enjoy the way the aut Ok so here's the deal: the book isn't BAD and I can see why its got good ratings and stuff. I just didn't enjoy the way the author writtes.

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And I'm NOT saying she's a bad writter, because there is a reason she's so freaken popular. People LOVE the way she writtes! And I'm sure many, many others have enjoyed her books. But I just can't say I am one of them. I feel a little guilty cause I have been wanting to read this for the longest time, and it just didn't click with me. It was too rushed and plain. The characters felt too 2 dimentional and undeveloped, and there wasn't a part of the story where I felt its grip at all. Again, this is my personal opinion. Since this is my second book by her, and I feel the same way about both, I shall read no more books by Eve Langlais.

Because I don't think its fair to bring down her ratings if I already know she's not the writter for me. People seem to be drawn to bash authors they already have a history of not liking, and complaining about the same thing in every book of theirs they read. Well let's break the cycle! I wish her the best, and I hope many other people enjoy her books. Another winner from Eve Langlais.

Astounding Stories # None But Lucifer | Alec Nevala-Lee

I really like her books that involve good, evil, and all things that go bump in the night. Maybe I'm reading too much into this stuff, but what is really drawing me to Langlais' books is that nothing is black and white. This book is a perfect example. This story has a common enough theme: falling for a person from 'the wrong side of the tracks'. But what's great about it is that I'm not sure who is the one from the wrong side.

And that makes me think about how a Another winner from Eve Langlais. And that makes me think about how a lot of thinks in life are like that. Also, evil was not necissarily evil and good wasn't necissarily good. Of course we've seen this before in some places movies, stories, etc but I think it was done really well in this book. I don't know. I can hardly wrap my mind around the 'greater themes' of this story. I have to say, above all else what I like best is that these books start with well known myths, assumptions, mythical characters etc and then show how when you look deeper they're notexactly what they seem to be.

If that makes any sense at all. Great read. Can't wait for more from Langlais! Muriel is the devil's daughter, the daughter who is a constant embarrassment and despite her father, Lucifer's, constant pushing to be bad, she just isn't bad enough. Muriel lives on the human plain as owner of Nexus bar which is a haven to others like her, most have no clue as to who she really is though. There is also something very special about Muriel, she still is a virgin and holding out for love.

When Auric walks into her bar, she feels that he maybe the one she has been waiting for. Auric Muriel is the devil's daughter, the daughter who is a constant embarrassment and despite her father, Lucifer's, constant pushing to be bad, she just isn't bad enough. Auric however is evasive about who he is and with hell in turmoil and trying to take down her father, Muriel is a target of the demons.

Auric is by her side but once she figures out who he really is will she be able to keep him by her side? Very fun. I wasn't sure how I would like this one, has been on my TBA for awhile.

Loved her interaction with her dad, they had a humorous banter going on.