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Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. There will be a few tight ABC players so I just avoid them when they put any money in. I feel like I am just being a super nit and never bluffing but it hasn't appeared to be a terrible strategy.

Spread Limit

So I'm curious if anyone else plays in a small spread limit game like that and has any advice. Do you play tight opening range? Joined Oct 28, Messages 9, Reaction score 10, I mean, that's what spread limit means, but it is so far out of the realm of comprehension that anyone could consider a bet in this game to be a bluff that I feel like I need to be sure.

If so, no you should literally never, ever bluff unless you see a guy fold a giant percentage of hands facing one bet at some point.

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So don't bluff. And yes, tighten up your preflop ranges.

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Super tight. Like preacher's daughter butthole pre-rebellion tight.

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You'll have enough opportunity to see the flop with two random cards when the table inevitably limps around to you in the BB, so don't bother trying to bink with two random cards in any other spot where you have to actually voluntarily put money in the pot. And finally, once you implement the perfect version of the above strategy, plan to still, at absolute top dollar best, break even over time since the rake will destroy this game.

So far I try to stick to pairs, broadway cards, and if there are a couple limps I'll call suited connectors from late position.

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  7. I kinda figured if everyone calls too much I need to see a flop first, or else I'll end up C-betting and wasting money more often than not. Does it seem like a bad play to not raise a hand like that? Assuming I'm going to whiff the flop and give up a majority of the time. It also doesn't seem to thin the field too much.

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    This is because while pot odds are good, you dont get implied odds on your drawing hands? I need to go do the math on my notes but I am pretty sure I am break even or up a couple dollars at the moment. But with how horrible some of the players in and out of there are find it hard to think I can't profit. Obviously not getting rich but thats why I posted this, I thought any advice would help me squeak a couple more dollars out. Previous template Next. Generally I think I should try to keep the pots smaller and play very straightforward.

    It's also important to note that there is no max buy in and I have no idea what players will sit down with. I 3bet to EP calls. I bet EP calls The pot is now Turn is 2d EP checks I can only bet which allows my opponent to call with any Ax flush draw and most straight draws.

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    I dont see a way to play this scenario where I can force my opponent to make mistakes but letting him see a free river would be a big mistake on my part. Im just not sure what to do.

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    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Tags: advice , cash , spread limit , texas holdem.