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Schools: -south east european university. I sell myself as I look at things I see myself as I found working on a project In a team I perform as a Is the number of birds increasing? The breeding season has started!

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At their demand, we will be again, and pretty soon, at the lagoon, to observe closer the Pelicans and to speak about the biology and behavior of the Pelicans, the symbol of the National Park. They just engage in vertical migration, from the mountain to the lowland during winter and from lowland to the mountain during summer.

This individual was ringed in Mazowieckie Poland , some 60 km away from Warschau. At the moment it was found the bird had traveled some km. From the above, it is pretty obvious that bird banding offers a lot of data on bird biology and the behavior of specific species.

For that reason, AOS is engaged since three years in a proper bird banding research program that aims also to increase the capacities in Albania. Join us in our activities! Five steps to avoid the nest flooding and to improve the breeding success of the Dalmatian Pelican in Divjaka-Karavasta National Park. Now the nesting beds are ready for the new breeding season that starts in a few days. Thanks for your help Fation Plaku!

Today, at about , at the custom point of Kapshtica, the prompt intervention of the State Inspectorate of Environment and Forests prevented the trafficking towards Greece of more than Goldfinches Carduelis carduelis illegally captured in Albania. Now, the Inspectorate and the Prosecution have sequestered the Goldfinches as evidence of environmental crime and they are considering the penal pursuit of this trafficking attempt. We hope that this event would be a good example for the prevention of any other trafficking case. AOS is grateful to the head of State Inspectorate and the responsible structures in Korca region for their fast reaction.

AOS will further denounce every other case of illegal capture and trade. Today, Goldfinches fly free in the Albanian sky.

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Otherwise they will be in an everlasting imprisonment. Flamingos and Pelicans hidden from the strong wind in Patok, Goldeneye in the mist of Shkodra, thousands of waders in flying flocks in Adriatik Durrws , water surfaces coloured in black from wintering ducks in Divjaka, grebes and coots in the lakes of Banja, Belshi, Thana etc.

Since two days, our teams are in the field for the International Waterbird Census. And there are already very interesting sightings. Particlarly in Adriatik where a Phalarope is observed and in Divjaka, the most important waterbird area in the Eastern Adriatic. The result would be available very soon! It is the most important wetland on the Eastern Adriatic coast. It is home for hundreds of species of flora and fauna, and also breeding, wintering and stop over site for millions of living organisms.

The fate of this hundreds-year-old natural heritage is today in crisis. Mabetex Group, a company based in Switzerland, is proposing to the Albanian government an urbanization project, the so-called 'Divjaka Resort Albania' Master Plan, that transforms the entire National Park. This thousands year old wetland, this forest richness of more than years old, cannot be eradicated in a blink of an eye. It is history, culture, identity, tradition and not forgetfulness It belongs to all of us. So we urge you to stand against such desecration and injust profitability over environmental damage.

Stand up for the preservation of our natural heritage. A few circumstances are more than enough for having a nice weekend. A group of friends, a vehicle, binoculars, cameras and wish for a walk in nature. Visit Orikumi lagoon Vlora and you will be amazed as we were a few days ago. Do not miss nor the Ancient Oriku beyond the entrance gate of Pasha Liman.

Neither the Marmiroi Church hidden between the reeds.

Decide on your own for the food! There are plenty of places to enjoy the day. Last March, a group of organizations and individuals from civil society arose to demand the prohibition of a massive urbanization project on the territory of the Divjaka-Karavasta National Park, a project that contradicted the laws and conventions on nature protection.

We constantly insist that this path should not be interrupted until transparency is ensured, democracy in decision-making as well as proper decision-making in respect of National and EU legislation, to regain the future we deserve - for the people, the environment and harmony over profit.

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The spot aims to inform the public about the damages that the implementation of this investment has, which not only does not guarantee the implementation and respect of national legislation, but also rejects international directives and conventions , and exterminates the Park for ever. Please share with your family, friends! Spread the Word!