Shopping Tourism, Retailing, and Leisure (Aspects of Tourism)

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It is a voluminous literature on the subject, and for the vast basic data the authors must be praised. The best part of the book is its simple narrative.

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It is useful for students of different grades, graduates, postgraduates and even for career researchers. It is well documented and appropriately illustrated.

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Dallen J. His main research areas are trails, heritage, geopolitics and globalization processes. Stephen W. His research focuses on trails, heritage, national parks, niche tourism development and post-conflict environments. Du kanske gillar.

Shopping Tourism, Retailing and Leisure - Dr. Dallen J. Timothy - كتب Google

Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Diversity, price and quality, opening hours, customer orientation in shops, handicrafts and souvenirs quality were mentioned by the Director of Tourism in France, as key aspects to advance in shopping tourism.

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Among the recent literature on shopping tourism indexed on the Leisure Tourism Database, Zaidan focuses on one of the leading destinations in this tourism sector, Dubai. Shopping tourism in Dubai is principally a luxury shopping market. Tourism shopping patterns are identified in this article based on the frequency of shopping and the significant differences in luxury purchasing patterns.

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Alhosari and Zaidan had previously discussed the role of shopping tourism in the development of Dubai as a tourist destination. Legal steps taken to combat this style of tour are outlined with reference to Hong Kong.

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One form of shopping tourism is cross-border shopping, where shoppers from neighbouring countries travel on day trips or short breaks to take advantage of lower prices. Michalko et al. The study investigates the purchases of day-trippers arriving from neighbouring countries and focuses on changes that occurred between and Michalko and Varadi had previously published a case study on Croatian shopping tourism in the Hungarian border region of Barcs.

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Bar-Kolelis and Wishulski examined Russian tourists shopping in border regions of Poland. Sirakaya-Turk et al.

Lehto et al. The exploration of the interrelationship between tourists' shopping psychology, tourist demographics, and their actual purchases revealed valuable practical information on how to strategically integrate shopping into tourism planning and marketing.

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Rabbiosi discusses shopping tours in Italy, where retail development for shopping tourism has been practiced as a form of urban regeneration. Cookies on Leisure Tourism Like most websites we use cookies. Close Find out more.

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