Sealed with a Kiss

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Rachel also helped a group of friends who started The Bridesmaids Club. They collected and provided bridesmaid dresses to brides in distress. She helped sort the dresses, pack and send them out, helped with dress fittings and anything else that came along. Mainly she sorted the letters they received and made appointments to see dresses.

They had received a letter from a little girl named Bella who wanted a wife for her father.

sealed with a kiss

After subbing that day, Rachel thought she knew who Bella was. She set up an appointment with John Fletcher, the father of the little girl she thought wrote the letter. Now to see what he would say. John Fletcher was indeed the father of a young girl. He had opened his business and worked long hours. The last thing part of his company had done was create the prototype of a drone for military use.

He had just sent the files to the DOD. To care for his little girl, he had his housekeeper and her husband as well as two friends and ex-Navy Seals for her protection. He hired a teacher to homeschool her; but had just quit. Once he met Rachel, he decided to hire her to tutor Bella until the fall when she went to school.

Rachel has no intention of working with him although she liked Bella. She finally decided to take the job so she would be able to make a down payment on a house and it was just until January and it was December.

She knew Bella had one; but why should she have one? She had no intention of accepting this situation. I loved it! I love her book covers, so what pulled me in right off I will be checking out more from Leeanna very very soon. Almost DNF from the start, but figured it had to get better The idea of it's ok, but the execution falls way short.

It's kind of like a quilt that's had all the pieces laid out Lots of convenient bits that aren't followed up. The characters had a little bit of interest, but I really just don't give a damn about them or their struggles, plus it's heavily skipped over and just 'ticked' along the way to conclusion.

Uh, no. Totally out of character and so very weird for the relationship.

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Descriptive kissing. Fade to black intimacy. I think the h is a pushover and doesn't have very good self-esteem. She seemed more than willing to let the H take advantage of her. The H is no big shakes, either. His brother piqued my interest, though. I'm not going to read any more. Sweet romance with a very lovely ending. Apr 24, Empress Juds rated it it was amazing. Sealed with a kiss The book was very interesting and had me spellbound.

Sealed With A Kiss, Charlottesville

Thank you. Jan 05, Erin rated it it was ok. And even when something did sort of happen it was quickly resolved and had zero to do with what you were lead to believe was going on. The ending was predictably happy and a little disappointing.

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No pay off for the amount of action suggested in Blurb and the first half of the book. Rachel is determined to show John that his daughter needs him — now and not in a few years, that she is more important than his job and that he has to get his act together. Liked Our frowning hero. What a little sunshine.

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Too cheesy, too abrupt. Everything just happened way too quickly in the end. Other than that, it's pretty slow-burning but still nice. Between stars therefore. Bella stole the show in this story, she was what kept these two main characters together for me. Rachel and her gang of friends were really great too and while I have not read The Bridesmaids Club I loved meeting all her friends and easily followed their group.

John Fletcher was a strong and dominating man and they definitely had great chemistry. The Christmas season made this a heartwarming and lovely romantic story to read. Is it really that easy to become a billionaire in six years from a security business? This guy also still flies commercial for long trips but takes a helicopter to go across town. Rachel was clueless and judgemental. I liked the concept of the story, but it wasn't anything I couldn't put down.

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Oct 05, Birgit rated it really liked it. It was quite nice in this case to be "disappointed", in that although all the above elements were there, the plot and the narration style made this quite different from the normal stories of this kind, as did the main characters: John, the ex SEAL billionaire, very security conscious and not trusting anyone except for a few people, his daughter Bella, who John would do anything to protect, and Rachel, the outgoing and optimistic teacher.

Although the billionaire angle makes this something like a fairy tale, the plot and the characters have enough realistic elements to make this a really enjoyable reading experience, which left me wanting to read more of the people involved. I truly enjoyed this sweet romance book and found the characters intriguing. An ex-SEAL billionaire with a little girl and the teacher he hires to tutor her make for quite a pairing.

I enjoyed the Montana setting too, written just beautifully.

Sealed with a Kiss

Side characters were fun in this as well, and a few of the scenes made me laugh out loud. The heroine is involved in this really neat bridesmaid dress recycling program too. I hope there's more of that featured in the series. This would have been five stars if not for a few niggles. One I can't go into without spoilers.

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For another, the characters kept bringing up "Walmart" and its virtues so much I was starting to think the store paid for ad placement. Then the big argument that threatens to divide the romance couple happens because of something the heroine does that makes zero sense in light of some vital things going on. Nevertheless, this was a well told, fun, and poignant tale that is set in a wintry Christmas Montana. Lovely and worth curling up with your favorite beverage to read.

A contemporary romance that occurs because an eight-year-old girl, Bella, writes a letter to The Bridesmaid Club wanting a bride for her daddy, a retired Navy SEAL and widower. When one of the recipients of the letter finally connects with her father, John Fletcher, sparks ignite as well as a job for this teacher.

Rachel McReedy is hired to be a tutor to impetuous Bella.