Revelation 2 (Daily Bible Study – Revelation)

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First, we see that Jesus Himself sent His angel to bear witness of these things to John and for the churches as instruction, warning, and comfort. Second, though much of this book will occur after the church is gone Rev. This information is important to our spiritual equilibrium. It aids our understanding of the future and shows us where the present world is going.

It gives greater perspective for what is really important today cf. Should this not cause us all to be more involved in reaching the lost for Christ as our next verse, verse 17, will show? This indicates that the church is not in the Tribulation. Remember that chapters 6 through 19, which deal with the Tribulation, also deals with Israel.

For this reason the church is not present or mentioned. Third, so how does our Lord certify and assure the facts of these things? By who and what He is in relation to Israel and the church, the root and offspring of David and the bright and morning star. The latter is the meaning here cf. It is He who will restore Israel to the place of blessing cf. What does a morning star do?

Revelation 2 [Daily Bible Study]

It heralds and assures us of a new day and of the conclusion of the night cf. So Jesus, as the morning star, heralds and assures us of the conclusion of this night season and the coming of a new day which will begin by His return for the church at the rapture to be followed by the glories of the millennium and then the eternal state at the end of the Tribulation.


The effect of this hearing should be a desire to reach others for Christ. The final clauses of the verse refers to anyone who wants the life which our Lord seeks to offer. The invitation to come and take is an urgent command for the day will arrive when it is too late. Now is a day of grace, but a day of judgment is imminent and impending.

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In these verses we have a solemn warning against tampering with the meaning and truth of this book. As William R. Jesus Christ, the logos , the revelation of God, has born witness to man of the truth. He did this first in the Old Testament Scriptures, then by His incarnation and life among men which was culminated and authenticated by the testimony of His death, resurrection, resurrection appearances, and ascension.

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Then He sent the Holy Spirit and the canon of Scripture was gradually completed—being completed with this book of Revelation before 90 A. So here He not only guards the words of the book, but absolutely declares Himself as the witness and guarantee of these things. My friends, God has revealed Himself to man and this revelation is found in the Scripture, and to a very limited degree in nature Rom. Man, then, is without excuse.

God can be known, but the details of this knowledge comes only through Scripture. It is the truth of Scripture which sets men free so God guards His Word carefully because it is the only means by which man really knows God John 8: 32; ; 2 Pet. Alan Johnson writes:. These verses should not be taken as a warning against adding anything to the Bible.

But what applies here, surely applies to the whole of Scripture because the book of Revelation is the last book of the Bible. Revelation is the final book of the Bible. All the major themes of Scripture find their end and culmination in this book.

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No other is needed. It wraps up the revelation of God and brings man into the glorious eternal state. Thus, to tamper with Revelation is in essence to tamper with the whole. Walvoord says:. Likewise, no one should dare take away from the words of the book, since to do so is to do despite to the inspired Word of God. What a solemn warning this is to critics who have tampered with this book and other portions of Scripture in arrogant self-confidence that they are equipped intellectually and spiritually to determine what is true and what is not true in the Word of God.

Though not stated in detail, the point of these two verses is that a child of God who reveres Him will recognize at once that this is the Word of God. So how does one add to the Bible or revelation? One way is by claiming new revelation, that the Bible and the book of Revelation are not enough as with the Book of Mormon or any other religious writing that claims to be from God. Another way is by claiming advanced knowledge in spiritual matters and that the Bible is not the answer or simply wrong 2 John 9. Liberal humanists are grossly guilty of this. Of course such action not only is adding but subtracting.

The point is that this reveals a blatant unbelief in the Bible which denies that the Word of God is the revelation and testimony of God. Such action is a clear evidence of personal unbelief and rejection of Jesus Christ.

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  7. First, the unbeliever, the person who does not believe the Word and so also rejects Jesus Christ, will go into the Tribulation. He will, therefore, face its plagues should he be living when the Tribulation comes. Second, should he die first without Jesus Christ, then he will still face the wrath of God from which the plagues proceed and spend eternity in the lake of fire. In other words, if he rejects any portion of Revelation, since Revelation is the culmination to the Word, this very well may have application to the whole canon of Scripture.

    So, if anyone denies the plain teaching of Scripture regarding the Lord Jesus Christ and the great testimonies of this book, he is doing despite to the inspired Word of God.

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    This is a grave warning to the critics of higher criticism who, in blatant unbelief, have tampered with the books of the Bible in arrogant self-confidence thinking that they are spiritually and intellectually competent to judge the truthfulness of the Bible. As Walvoord pointed out, the point of these two verses is that the true child of God who believes the Lord, will recognize this as a portion of the Bible as well as the rest of Scripture. The Program of Jesus Christ—as seen in heaven, chapters 4— The last section deals with the consummation of all things on this earth.

    This is what makes Revelation such a glorious and wonderful book. In the first division of the Book of Revelation we will see the person of Christ in His position and glory as the Great High Priest who is in charge of His church. We will see that He is in absolute control. In the Gospels we find Him to be meek, lowly, and humble. He made Himself subject to His enemies on earth and died upon a cross!

    We find a completely different picture of Him in the Book of the Revelation. Here He is in absolute control.

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    Although He is still the Lamb of God, it is His wrath that is revealed, the wrath of the Lamb, and it terrifies the earth. When He speaks in wrath, His judgment begins upon the earth.


    The person of Jesus Christ is the theme of this book. When the scene moves to heaven, we see Him there, too, controlling everything. Not only in Revelation but in the entire Bible Jesus Christ is the major theme. The Scriptures are both theocentric and Christocentric, God—centered and Christ—centered. This needs to be kept in mind in a special way as we study the Book of Revelation—even more than in the Gospels. The Bible as a whole tells us what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do. The Book of Revelation emphasizes both what He is doing and what He will do.

    The last book of the Old Testament, Malachi, closes with the mention of the Son of Righteousness which is yet to rise.


    It holds out a hope for a cursed earth, and that hope is the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Book of Revelation closes with the Bright and Morning Star, which is a figure of Christ at His coming to take the church out of the world. And the Book of Revelation will complete the revelation of Christ. Notice also that there is a tie between Genesis and Revelation, the first and last books of the Bible.

    Genesis presents the beginning, and Revelation presents the end. Note the contrasts between the two books:. In Genesis the earth was created; in Revelation the earth passes away.

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    In Genesis the sun was to govern the day; in Revelation there is no need of the sun. In Genesis the waters were called seas; in Revelation there is no more sea. In Genesis was the entrance of sin; in Revelation is the exodus of sin. In Genesis the curse was pronounced; in Revelation the curse is removed. In Genesis was the beginning of sorrow and suffering; in Revelation there will be no more sorrow and no more tears. And the Bible closes with another global and universal book. The Revelation shows what God is going to do with His universe and with His creatures. There is no other book quite like this.

    McGee, J.