Impromptu No. 2 in F Minor, Op. 31

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You'll recognize some of these Rare and unheard material from Dylan's career redefining Nashville era — his post Blonde On Blonde Nashville era to be more specific — when he recorded the poetic story song masterpiece John Wesley Harding, the charming country folk classic Nashville Skyline, sessions that would end up Akagera Serpente. A really great idea for a trio, and one that sounds unlike anything else we've ever heard — given that the music is a mix of percussion, bass trombone, and a mix of vibes and marimba!

  1. Zala Kravos - EMCY!
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  3. Sonata f minor K466 - Harp;
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  5. The tracks are all pretty spare, and do a great job of building up the sound — maybe with less of the Filippo Trecca never recorded much soundtrack music in the 70s — but he did give the world the fantastic track "Col Fiato In Gola" — a break-heavy number that went on to great sample fame in the Dusty Fingers generation! The tune has this cool blend of breaking drums and dark A welcome return from Waajeed — with a couple of soaring, incredible vocal turns by Candi Lindsey, aka Blue Raspberry!

    Repertoire — Dömötör Máté

    Waajeed has been one of the most inventive producers to come out the Detroit scene since the early years of the millennium, and he continues to follow his creative impulses Steve Reid Rhythmatism colored vinyl pressing. A fantastic mid 70s set led by drummer Steve Reid — fronting a group of players who groove tightly, but with a really sinister sound!

    Faure Impromptu in f minor, Op.31, No.2 - Dang Thai Son

    Reid is an absolute steamroller on this set — laying down a fast-paced, super tight funky backdrop for the rest of the players to groove fluidly over A gospel group, but one with a very groovy vibe — as they hail from Ghana, and mix plenty of soulful elements into their music! Fantastic sounds from Comet Is Coming — a record as heady as you might guess from its cover image!

    These guys have a really revolutionary way of combining jazz and electronics —using the latter at a way that never sacrifices the former — especially when you've got such great A wonderful instrumental duo effort from drummer Charles Rumback and guitarist Ryley Walker — the former a vital player in the Chicago jazz and experimental scene, the latter one one time Chicago, now NYC based player who has been as important as anyone taking the folk and blues-steeped avant Gerald Cleaver's got a great band here — a tight sextet who follow every twist and turn of the drummer's energy — and who also bring their own sense of soaring soul to the session too!

    The vibe is almost a bit like that of some of the more far-reaching Jazz Messengers that Art Blakey Situation really do a great job of transforming other folks' tunes here — so much so that the results are really a lot more their own than any sort of familiar remix modes — which is the CD is more of a full album by the band, then just a collection of cuts! Contemporary rhythms and Brian Owens Soul Of Ferguson. Really righteous work from Brian Owens — every bit as much as you'd expect from a St Louis singer dedicating a record to the struggles in Ferguson!

    Brian's got a great voice — one that was wrapped around Johnny Cash tunes on his previous record, but which sounds even better here on a We love the work of bassist Henry Grimes — and he sounds especially wonderful in this very open set of improvisations with trumpeter Ted Daniel, in a series of performances that also features work from Michael Marcus on Bb and A clarinets! The recording quality is great — so that you One of the most soulful sessions ever from the Philly jazz scene of the 70s — a super-hip record that features work from Byard Lancaster on alto, Khan Jamal on vibes, and Monette Sudler on guitar!

    Bach Keyboard Concerto no. Haydn Keyboard Concerto no. Chopin Piano Concerto no. Liszt Piano Concerto no. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto no. Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor op. Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no.

    Zala Kravos

    Handel Violin Sonata in G minor op. Haydn Piano Trio in G major Hob.


    Schumann Frauenliebe und -Leben op. Franck Sonata for violin and piano in A major J.

    Sachiko Furuhata-Kersting

    Brahms Sonata for violin and piano no. Bruch Eight Pieces for clarinet, viola and piano op. Smetana Piano Trio in G minor op. Enescu Concert piece for viola and piano S. Prokofiev Sonata for cello and piano in C major op. Honegger Sonatine for clarinet and piano H. Howells Sonata for clarinet and piano F.

    Shostakovich Sonata for cello and piano in D minor op. Hubeau Sonata for Trumpet and Piano P. He shares with Discography - Kevin Kenner. Kenner has you on the edge of your seat Classic FM, London. Exceptional, counting amongst the most subtle and expressive piano playing enjoyed in several years Peter Grahame Woolf.

    In one word, one can listen to this without end Tomasz Byczek.


    Chopin Scherzos Nocturne in B major, Op. This is a set of the scherzos that is greatly persuasive on repeated hearings Fanfare Magazine, David Saemann. Chopin Impromptus Performance on an Pleyel piano. Chopin Ballades Ballade No.

    Piano Concertos