Even When Bad Things Happen, God is Good: Trusting in God When it Hurts the Most

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And when I look at the Bible, I am in good company. Read Psalm 77 on this, or the book of Job, or the Lamentations of Jeremiah. They couldn't always figure God out either. So, what is God up to when He permits innocent people to suffer - prolonged, grinding misery - and prayerful appeals to His mercy seem to fall on deaf ears? I honestly don't know. There IS a God of infinite power and wisdom and goodness; I know enough philosophy to be sure that we have very strong rational grounds for believing in the existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful Creator of this universe.

And I know that Jesus Christ was and is the true Son of God; I know enough historical evidence about Jesus to be able to say beyond a reasonable doubt that He was not a liar nor a lunatic, but just who He claimed to be. In addition to all that, I have known and experienced Him personally - His merciful and undeserved love for me - in the gospels, in the Blessed Sacrament, in prayer, in times of solitude, in the sun rising in the morning, and the wind rustling the trees, in His whisper in the depths of my heart, calling me to do good and shun evil.

We've all tried to make life work without God.

So I have met Him: I cannot deny that. No matter how far away He may seem to be at times, I cannot deny that I have known Him when He was near! I wish I could understand why the infinitely powerful and merciful God has not granted my prayers about my little daughter - an innocent sufferer for sure. I wish I could understand why He does not grant your prayers for medical aid in a way that, to us, seems only merciful and right. But I can't fully understand these things. I just know that He knows so much more than we do - infinitely more - and He sees so much more than we see.

Common Christian Myths About Happiness

Saint Paul wrote: "all things work together unto good to them that love God" Rom Saint Paul did not promise that we would be able to SEE how all things work out for good to those who trust God - only that they will. Only in heaven shall we see all things clearly, and all the reasons why I Cor That's why the heart of St. Faustina's spirituality is not the Chaplet, or the Image, or the Feast, but the simple signature at the bottom of the Image: "Jesus, I trust in You.

It has to be - just because He Is. Got a question?

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DM-QnA You might also like If we didn't believe and came before God, would He give us a second chance to believe? Robert Stackpole finishes his stroll through the phrases used in the Chaplet, illuminating their meaning. All rights reserved. Skip to main content. Marian Fathers. Not long ago I received a most poignant letter from a man named "Mr. Weaver," who poured out his heart on a subject that touches all of us at one time or another: the mystery of innocent suffering.

Why does God let bad things happen? | Institute in Basic Life Principles

Weaver wrote: I have a few questions I need to ask. I have read a lot about the Divine Mercy and I recite the Chaplet every day. Also, He promised us we'd get whatever we ask of Him by reciting this chaplet. I have put my trust in Him and asked for His help. My health has been poor in recent years and I cannot work. I've tried, believe me. But a man and a woman, Adam and Eve, rebelled against God.

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I can build my world without you. Physical death is just the death of the body, but the spirit lives on.

If your spirit is separated from God for eternity, it will be lost forever. Is God angry with me? No, God is not angry with you. In John , the Bible says that He loves everyone.

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However, because we live in an imperfect world, we all deal with good and bad. God is aware of everything that happens and has the ability to take what was intended for evil and use for good. The evil in this world does not render God powerless. It is quite the opposite. He promises to be with us — and, if we live life in relationship with Him — to guide us into a life of peace and freedom from fear. Why me?

It often feels like difficult circumstances are directed at us. We live in an imperfect world, and the Bible says that it rains on the just and the unjust. We all live through painful and uncomfortable things. Who are we trusting when those things happen to us? Are we self-reliant or do we rely on God? If we reach out to God in time of need, then we are accessing the One who created the universe. The Bible says that He is waiting for our response. He has already made the invitation through His Son Jesus. Why you?

Why Is Life So Hard?

Because He loves you. He wants you to look to Him so He can rescue you and bring you peace. Romans ; John What good can come out of this? There are no easy answers, just simple ones: growth and glory. We grow because when life hurts, we pay attention and we find out what is real and whom we can trust. In the Bible, in James 4 tells us when we face trials, we can see it as a positive thing in our life because ultimately we are going to grow from it.

The other answer is a bit more complicated, and it is found in a Bible story about a blind man that Jesus heals in John 9. It was the best gift He could give them, and us. We are attracted to greatness.

Why does God let bad things happen?

God is the greatest of them all and He desires to be with us. How do I recover spiritually from this?

The natural response is to deny that you are affected by the crisis. The truth is that crisis affects everybody it touches, but it affects each person differently. David, in Psalms, tells his soul to praise the Lord.