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Lisa launched her first Unveiled Beauty event in Women take the stage, hold the space, and share some of their most vulnerable stories in community with other women. She approached one venue per year to host the events and started pitching sponsorship opportunities. But by , her average event size grew to over a hundred.

These events became more than spaces to share her book, they became spaces to help others and live out her purpose. Of course, book marketing and event marketing would be nothing without the support of digital marketing strategies. Lisa began building her social media presence two years prior to her book launch. When her book came out, she doubled down on her efforts to grow her social media following and build an email list. Even at the time of her launch, she regretted not starting an email list sooner.

Work with a branding professional to create a unifying message and look for your brand. People buy an idea, not a book. Realize that your book came from your heart. It came from who you are. When you share that, people become attached to you, and then that will sell your book organically. She began to focus on bringing her personality to her events, her book, and her brand.

She expanded her events from storytelling events to fashion shows. She went on to create Unveiled YOU! To enroll, please email Lisa at lisa fashionmeetspoetry.

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This program includes a photoshoot experience, writing workshops, public speaking component, and the opportunity to share stories at the Unveiled Beauty events. Her book inspired these new ventures and allowed her to creatively explore her passions. Your book marketing can be a journey that takes you places you never thought possible. It can also be a hard place that forces you to rise to the challenge and grow.

Before you quit your day job, you will need to invest time, energy, and money into your marketing strategy. At first, you will need to think of events as marketing expenses.

Rediscovering Angela Carter's poetry: Images that stick and splinter in the mind

Your business will grow really fast after that. For Lisa, there were three things that brought her to a place where she could focus on her brand as a career. The first was branding. Lisa made sure that she had the time and the budget to craft a unified message that would attract the audience that would get the most out of her book. The second strategy that helped was her work with brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador can connect you to new opportunities and can connect new audiences to you. People get sick of you selling them stuff.

They need an idea.

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They need a bigger message. Marketing an idea, not a book, really pays off. What are the biggest marketing mistakes you made with your first book, and what do you wish you would have done differently? Here are five of my most glaring mistakes, and what you can learn from them:. Hiring a publicist without giving them a clear direction on what I wanted them to do. The thought of pitching myself to magazines, newspapers, and TV shows was overwhelming to me as a first-time author, so I did what a lot of people do: I hired a publicist to do it for me.

I ended up paying her to research on my behalf, which is something I easily could have done myself. I could have saved a lot of money and probably gotten much more exposure had I done the research part on my own, then given her the task of doing the actual pitching when I had my list of potential candidates. Having a huge launch event at a bookstore. Even though the bookstore told me upfront that they would keep 40 percent of the profits from my sales, it really became clear how much that 40 percent really cost me once I added everything up from the event.

But I wish I had done my launch event somewhere else, somewhere where I would have been able to keep percent of my profits.

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Not doing a snail mail marketing campaign. This is the social media age, right? No one mails anything anymore, right? If I could go back in time, I would have found key influencers in my genre and popped a book in the mail to them, along with a personal note. A personal touch goes such a long way in marketing—especially in the book selling business! I felt like I needed to be anywhere and everywhere when I first published. I needed a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Tumblr. It was all so overwhelming that I ended up burning out quickly. Then, once I had established myself on one platform, I would maybe move to another one and repeat the process.

I became way more successful on social media when I quit using it all the platforms and just focused on one I genuinely enjoyed spending time on. One more related thing I would have done differently is creating a content calendar and scheduling out my posts to avoid feeling like I had to be chained to social media all the time. The truth is, book marketing work is all about taking calculated risks. You will make mistakes along the way, just like anything in life.

Choose one marketing effort to focus on.

Learn how to do it well. Then do it. Roseanne Cheng is the former marketing director at Wise Ink Creative Publishing and co-founder of Evergreen Authors, an online learning community that helps authors successfully launch their book and build a thriving business. To see the book marketing courses Roseanne teaches, go here. She loved their honesty and their innate goodness. She also knew that she was an entrepreneur and a goal-setter.

Cristina wrote this book in response to something she noticed in her dance classes. With the support of her mom, her brother Ry, and her dance teacher, Savvy begins to feel safe. She overcomes her fear, connects with the other kids, and ends up having a great time in dance class. Just like Savvy, there are many kids who struggle with fear of judgement, meeting new people, and trying new things.

As children carry many of their childhood experiences into adulthood, Cristina knows that making kids feel safe to explore their passions is vital. Self-esteem is a key to success, and Cristina knows that kids will identify with how you treat them and what you tell them. She too was a timid child. She had to conquer her fears to become the entrepreneur she is today. They helped her establish healthy patterns for goal-setting and exploring her passions, and she hopes to help other children do the same.

She only knew that she wanted to publish independently because it would give her the most creative freedom and control over distribution.

Beasts at Bedtime

After she wrote her manuscript, she began to search for an illustrator. She found Kevin Cannon, and immediately connected with his illustration style. The stars seemed to align, and Cristina was on her way to becoming a published author.

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The thing that surprised Cristina most about publishing was the in-depth nature of the process. As someone who is used to working quickly in business, book publishing taught her that good books take time. She learned to trust everyone on the team to work to their strengths, and to trust that everything would happen in the right way at the right time.

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As a businessowner, Cristina is using her connections to get her book out into the world. She wants little boys to know that strong boys dance. She wants to empower everyone to feel comfortable exploring their interests with nonjudgement. Working with children has taught Cristina that there is an inner child in every one of us. You can preorder her book here.

Of course you know that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has stirred up controversy over the years. But did you realize that Charlotte's Web was banned in Kansas just 10 years ago?